From Producer and Director Jonathan Budine, and Producer/Writer Bill Hall comes their first original short film, Take Out. The story of a woman on a journey into a dark unknown cavern she considers familiar...the parking garage. Relying on her inner strength, this working mother must trust her instincts to carry her, unharmed, back to her family one more time. Heart-pounding moments and minute by minute suspense may make this the most tension filled car retrieval ever. This short shocker of a film illustrates how unsafe it is to be alone in a parking garage these days..Regardless of why it is that you're there!

Take Out introduces Mary Ann Emerson, with an appearance by Fangoria Radio's own Scream Queen Debbie Rochon as well as NYC actor Alexis Suarez .

Go to for more info and extras about the short including footage and interviews in an amusing mockumentary! 16 straight hours in a New Jersey parking garage created some intense moments, all captured and put together in a behind the scenes informative featurette, sort of...!

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