Bud started his schooling at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania expecting to marry his two passions, Music and Film. As a percussionist Bud always had a dream of writing music for film and TV with a rhythmic slant. But once he got a hold of a camera…..the camera got a hold of him.

After graduating Bud started his career at Berks Cable in Reading, PA shooting a variety of live sporting events and commercial projects. Next he explored the other side of the camera and spent 2 ½ years Writing, Directing and Producing local commercials for Target Select Cable in Allentown, PA. “It was a great learning experience to be responsible for everything except the actual shooting. He then got back on the “Smart Side” of the camera and for 4 ½ years traveled the country and over-seas as part of the live remote production team at QVC, Inc. operating specialty cameras such as Steadicam and Jib. His next move was to accept a position as Director of Photography in the post production side of QVC. There Bud spent 5 ½ years shooting in a fast paced studio environment. “Shooting every day makes you good and fast, which is essential in today’s production market.” Bud’s work comprises lighting and shooting an extensive category of product, from jewelry to food as well as celebrity shoots and international productions. Bud’s passion for his craft has taken him worldwide from Sled dogs in Alaska to Super Model Carol Alt in Switzerland, shooting in a variety of formats from film to HD.