Bill Hall graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in English. He had started writing early, but it was at UVA that he really learned his craft, studying under Pulitzer Prize winning poet Charles Wright. He became a regular contributor to a number of small press publications (Lucky Star, Minotaur, Egad!, Naked Man, Inkling, Gryphon, Hibiscus, Kindred Spirit). But poetry don’t pay the rent, and when he moved to New York City in the late 80s he started working in the television postproduction industry. He redefined and revolutionized the assistant editor job as he became an in-session graphics designer. First with National Video, then MTI and then at Creative Group, he worked on short and long form pieces for A&E, The History Channel, ESPN, the Food Network, NBC, CBS, Time Warner, MTV, and VH1 and much of his work has won awards including an Emmy, an ACE, a Monitor, a Cine Golden Eagle, an NEMH Crystal Apple and Teles and Auroras and Omnis. In 2000 Bill moved from the post production of CreativeGroup to its production arm, Moe Greene where he supported Fangoria, Fangoia Multimedia and Moe Greene Entertainment as a Producer, Editor and Graphic Designer. Working at Moe Greene has afforded him the opportunity to produce and direct several full length documentaries including– Brinke Stevens: Scream Queen in 2005, Fred Olen Ray: Making Movies in 2006 and Bill Gottlieb: Riffs in 2004, which is currently on the Festival Circuit. He created most of the Fangoria media and graphics shown on and also was the point man for Fangoria conventions. And now his partnership with Jon Budine has led him back to the fiction and the writing he has always loved.