A month after completing our short film "TAKE OUT", Bill Hall (writer and producer) and I were discussing what to do with the enormous amounts of footage taken for the behind the scenes . What came from that was an idea that we should try to make the behind the scenes as interesting as the short, that perhaps we should not make a straight forward informative piece, but explore the humor that comes from an intense 16 hour shoot. Bill said - "You mean, make another movie?!"

A month later we called everyone back together in NYC (which is difficult when you pay them nothing) and Bill coaxed our non-actors/actors through their semi-improvised lines. I took the piece back to the edit suite and created TAKE OVER: the horror behind the thriller. A short informative mockumentary about the perils of making a short film with your friends. I hope it makes everyone else laugh as much as we do. It's not what you think!

Jonathan Budine - Co-Producer, Director, Editor for "Take Out"and "Take Over: the horror behind the thriller".

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