I am very proud to announce that the Mini Movie Channel (out of Beverly Hills and Luxembourg) has aquired the worldwide rights for our award winning short TAKE OUT. After viewing our screening at the prestigious 2007 PALM SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, The Mini Movie Channel inquired about rights in October 2007.

The film was shot entirely on location in West Orange, New Jersey. Principle editing and original music composition took place in New Jersey. With long time friends, cinematographer Bud Hayman and Co-Producer & Production Designer Jim Welsh (both from the Philadelphia area) , we created a short, produced on a minimal budget with a"high end" feel and all of the stories that come with that.

Shot in HD with a Panasonic Varicam over a 16 hour period, "Take Out" is a prime example that films do not need to be expensive to be a showpiece. Using a RAM 250 diesel truck as a camera dolly, a crew of 12 working solely for the love of film making, the generosity of the people of New Jersey, two indie actors and one scream queen, we created a short that we all could be proud of.

Since our premiere at the Philadelphia Film Festival in April 2007, we are very proud to have been accepted to over 25 Film Festivals. We have received a few jury prize nominations, honorable mentions, finalists and a runner up in a "Short Short" jury prize

We would like to thank EVERYONE involved in this project. We couldn't have accomplished anything without the help we received and hopefully everyone will be able to go see Take Out at the Mini Move Channel FOR FREE!

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